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Company Information

Coorporate Vision 

Globalization & Cooperation

SMP Laboratries Japan Co., Ltd.  cooperates and supports beyond the diversity and complexity of the components and medical devices  that surround medical care in various regions of the world and people and companies involved in medical care. The mission is to work together to provide safer and more secure medical care.



  1. Independent

  2. No products, Only services

  3. Confidentiality


SMP Laboratories Japan was established as a start-up venture company in 2017 with the support of SMP GmbH in Germany, and supports validation testing for medical device manufacturers selling in Europe and North America, as well as medical facilities and hospitals. We provide services from independent standpoint, such as quality improvement support operations.

There are signs that the requirements for medical device regeneration and standardization of reprocessing of medical devices are becoming more and more focused worldwide. In addition, tests and improvements related to reprocessing are directly affecting the sale of medical devices.

We at SMP Laboratries Japan Co., Ltd. hope to be able to support the improvement of companies and medical facilities not only through testing but also through services for building quality control systems  and services for standardization of operations.

吉原 将 Masashi Yoshihara

代表取締役 社長 President

"Advanced Sterile Processing Technician DGSV®/SGSV"

ドイツ 滅菌供給業務協会/スイス 滅菌供給業務協会 認定 上級滅菌技術者

池田 誠 Makoto Ikeda

副社長 Vice President

一般社団法人 日本MBTI協会認定 MBTI認定ユーザー レベル2

Japan MBTI Association MBTI Practitioner, Level 2

クラウス ロス Klaus Roth

​社外取締役 Executive Vice President

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